Tis the Season

Tis the Season

September 27, 2015

A Show You Need to Listen to if you Value Your Soul!

I have spent the past weeks visiting and talking with a few of the people who I have written about in the past that I refer to as " The Real Time Abductees". A great deal of the show posted talks about what took place when I once again spoke with the abductees, You may get angry or think we are crazy and that is your human right to do so as long as you do it while you remain human or continue to hold your soul!

September 22, 2015

Taking a little break for a few days


I have been at a full run the past few weeks interviewing people , doing radio shows along with running around in my real time life with my family and friends until I just find I am all worn out. I need a few days off before I tackle the mound of notes so I can start to write the articles from the time I spent with the real time abductees and a fabulous psychic . I will rest up and start to write up my recent adventures to share with you all. For now Happy Fall!

<b>Fall</b> <b>is coming</b>

September 10, 2015

Labor Day and Long Island and Yes- Orbs Flying Above

Interested in UFO.s  You Will Love this Show

Labor Day and Long Island and Yes- Orbs Flying Above

One of my readers contacted me late Labor Day night with an email to tell me about her sighting of a large Orb.  Since her sighting occurred so close to my own house I called her the next day. She told me she was at a barbecue held in the yard of her sisters house  who lives  along the coast of Long Island Sound which is a body of water between Connecticut and Long Island New York,

The woman was sitting in her sisters yard located in the town of Huntington New York  which looks directly over the water. As night fell the party sat on her sisters deck eating corn on the cob , burgers and hot dogs enjoying the beauty of the water  and the night sky. The woman told me a few small planes passed over the water as well as a low brightly lit  helicopter during the evening before they noticed the orb.

Her husband was the first to notice it. He told her he watched as it came from the east at an enormous speed which told him at once it was not a plane or any man made craft. It slowed down over the water in the Huntington area about half way over the Long Island Sound and started a slow large oval orbit .  The object was  a solid white orb without any flashing lights and was completely silent.

At this point the woman's husband asked his old friend, who was also at the party, who  had been a pilot in the military to walk down to the waters edge with him. He pointed out the strange object and both men watched it for a few minutes as the object continued to slowly and silently orbit above the water.

The men walked back to the party where they pointed out the object and the strangeness of its appearance to the others on the deck when the object stopped its orbit and just hovered over the water.

The woman told me that she was very excited and a bit nervous at seeing this object as she knew it was something that was not the normal type of thing she saw flying in the sky. The ex military pilot suggested to the home owner that they may want to call the police and report an odd object flying over the water. The people all laughed at the idea . In fact the other people at the party had little or no interest at all in this odd craft hanging in the night sky. This reaction was as odd as the craft to the couple and the pilot and his wife as they knew they were seeing something extremely unusual. One member of the party waved his hand in the air as he insisted it was just something one of the neighbors were doing. The pilot knew this was a severe case of denial as the object was large and clearly under intelligent control and was stunned by the mans insistence it was nothing at all.

 The pilot and his wife gathered their belongings and left the party telling the woman's husband that he should leave and head out of the quiet neighborhood as he felt the object was aware of the people watching it and he felt it could be dangerous to stay sitting in the dark as easy pickings or targets. The woman and her husband also left the party.

She told me the object had a perfect white orb of light that covered most of it but  you could clearly see that the object was oval in shape and gun metal in color under the light. It had no strobe or flashing  lights at all and made no sound. It was able to make hard turns at great speeds and would simply stop and hover at will at different points during the time it orbited over the Long Island Sound. She also told me she felt fear when she looked at the orb which was shared by her husband and the pilot and his wife. The strangest thing this woman told me was that both her husband and the ex- military pilot  took pictures of this craft with their cell phones but found nothing on the phones when they later tried to view the photo's.

I will be watching the sky over my area carefully now that I know the orbs are once again back over Long Island. The truth most likely is that they never left!

I will be sure to report any more orb reports I receive as the on going orb sightings continue over Long Island New York.

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August 29, 2015

Abductees- My Summer Visit

I am going to spend the next week visiting with three of the abductees I interviewed and wrote about a few years ago. I will be spending time with the College Professor as well as the abductees I referred to as the Most Unusual Abductee and lastly the Angry Abductee.

I am anxious to talk with these people to discover what new opinions they may have formed concerning the changes that have taken place in the paranormal world since I first interviewed them.

I will formulate a new article concerning this new visit and let you all know what this special group of people have to say as soon as I return from this trip.

Above is a photo of the exact spot the abductee I named the Angry Abductee was taken when she was about 11 years old along the shore line of Great River which is located on the South Shore Coast of Long Island New York.

She was sitting on that bench  located at the end of a public dock eating a peanut and jelly sandwich  during a lovely summers day. No one else was around as she sat enjoying her brown bag lunch she had packed that morning  when she felt a numbness run from her head down to her toes. She recalls a bright  ray of white light coming straight down over her head that fully engulfed her. The next thing she knew she was laying behind the bench about a hundred feet away on an open spot of lawn. She sat up and vomited all over herself. She was able to stand and wobbled her way up to the main road where she found a neighbor walking her dog and asked the lady to call her mother as she was ill.

By the time her mother arrived to pick her up she had a high fever and could not walk. The neighbor helped her mother carry her to the car. Her mother drove her directly to the town doctors office. She had a large red rash on her back and seemed to have a stomach virus. The doctor gave her mother some type of cream and gave her a shot of something and sent her home.

She stayed in bed for about four days and slowly recovered from her ordeal at the end of the dock while sitting on the bench. Her mother asked her why she had waited to almost dinner time to eat her lunch as that was the time the neighbor had called her to pick her up. The abductee told her mother she had eaten lunch at noon time as she remembered looking at her watch before sitting down to eat.

It was not until years later that this abductee realized this event had been one of her first lost time events where she lost hours of time and was returned ill and bruised. She also started after this encounter to have recurring dreams of stick like creatures with large ant shaped heads talking to her that remained as part of her life right to this very day.

This woman continued to have lost time abductions along her life up to the age of 52 when they suddenly stopped. She is one of many people walking this earth who have endured strange abductions yet she is one of the few who openly talked about them to those who were sincerely interested in what happened to her. She told me years ago that the problem was those who wanted to seriously understand or had any interest in the subject were far and few between. She is one of the abductees who blame her fellow humans as much as her abductors for the suffering she had to endure during these unwanted kidnappings due to the way she felt victimized a second time after an abduction by the reaction or non-reaction of those who she felt should have protected her.

I am looking forward to my visit ahead with this group of abductees  and will write my article concerning it as soon as I am able once I return. Enjoy the end of your summer and be careful out there and put down your phones and pay attention to your surrounding and those around you.

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August 20, 2015

Danger---The Evolution of Mankind- Not As Much Man and More Machine

Danger--  The Evolution of Mankind- Not As Much Man and More Machine

I cannot watch as this happens to humanity without trying to awaken whoever I can to what is happening and how we are all responsible for removing the human part of our species as we run full speed ahead to becoming a new semi- form of life that is part biological and part human.  

 Turanshumanism is not a new subject, You can find material about it all over the internet. What you cannot find is any interest or concern about it in society. Those who are responsible for this becoming our future are those who refuse to give up their addictions and hence are those who are rushing like an out of control full speed steam engine towards the end of humanity as we push full speed towards the end of mankind and the start of a new species dominating earth.  Humans may remain but they will quickly become the minority as we willingly give over our place on this earth.  When I refer to those who are doing this I am of course referring to YOU. 

I have tried in many ways to get people to give up or at least control their addictions to technology however I have never been able to succeed. I wrote about it which ended with a few nasty emails and I tried to confront those in my life which also ended in a nasty conversation with cell phones , lap tops and  i -pads coming out the winners,  My attempts failed  in a way that alarmed me as the reaction to my concerns was greeted with a reaction that was far too extreme to what I was saying. The idea I wanted people to put down the technology and reunite with those around them caused anger and insult far beyond what I was requesting. That is when I realized it may already be too late and our path as full blooded caring ,communicating , engaged with one another  humans already  becoming extinct as we turn in to something else..

I will leave it for the experts to explain and have added a few videos to explain the path we are on and how it will soon devour our species in to  something different leaving us far from the humans that we have been for thousands of years. I will post the videos after this article on my blog

Our addictions to technology is why I feel this change in mankind will most likely take place. We are so addicted to our hand held gadgets that we become nasty and vicious like any addict when confronted with the fact the addiction is controlling the lives of those attached to whatever gadget they are locked staring at in their hand. 

It is obvious as you look around you that humans have lost interest in what is going on around them in real time and instead sit staring at their hand held device ignoring the real time life going on around them. They replace the people around them with the object in their hand . It can be any time in any situation . Look around you wherever you may be and watch as the people do not relate to each other but are in a full relationship with he object of control in their hands. This should be strange and upsetting to you yet it seems to me to be simply the normal of things to far too many people and wonder how they think the world will continue as we follow along as a non communicating group of people divided and controlled not by chance but by purpose.  I cannot  help  but hear over and over in my head the quote  " Divide and Conquer" as that is so obviously what is happening and clearly what we all want to happen or we would put down the toys and fight for our futures.

Technology is a great thing and should be used for great purposes. It can make work easier and save lives as well as many other purposes. However that is where it should end. It should not replace face to face conversations or be seen on any dinner table or used instead of person to person communication. If you need to call someone on your phone do so quickly and return to real life in real time. You do not need to talk to people on the phone all day and night nor do you EVER need to take a call while driving your car, especially if it is filled with children. If you do these things as well as texting or whatever else you do instead of paying full attention to those around you including your driving you are fully one of the problems and one of those heading us straight for extinction and on to something else.

This something else can be towards a part machine part biological life form or maybe something less dramatic. We may involve in to a type of human life form that does not communicate or live as a human once did  but a more heartless loveless cold mechanical form of life that alone will  live in a tech bubble  that is controlled and contained by technology.

 You will become part of the net and your individuality will be lost. This seems to be the option I see as happening sooner than later . The addiction to all things net connected already seems to be hard wired in to society. It will not be long before all people are hooked directly into big brother or the net. I am sure many are lined up to attach the  new watch directly to their wrist so that they are now only a step away from being hooked directly into the net taking another step away from your humanity. Of course you will disagree fully with what I am saying as you already have been brainwashed by your addiction to technology and will reject all I am saying. If you walk around all day with your cell phone at hand or in hand  it is most likely too late for you. 


I do not want a future of mind controlled people living in a world controlled by the few nor do I want to be lose the ability to think for myself. I fear who or what or why those who are in control of this technology are herding us down this path. The future does not look rosy when viewed with the truth of where it is heading. I do not want to give up my individuality and enjoy conversations one to one as well as feelings of  all kinds which of course we also are giving up with our addictions to machines. I like to feel all the sensations of life first hand . Not being loved or loving is hard to conceive as an option for mankind but exactly where we are heading. 

I watched as a post circulated on Face book that talked about how impossible it would be for the users of the site to give up their technology, The post said something along the lines of asking the users if they would be able to give up all the things they are addicted to for three months for a million dollars or something ridiculous and of course the addicted replied that they would not be able to do it.  Of course no one really offered up this as a real challenge but the love of the addiction was sadly stated in that post. 

 I do not have a cell phone. I use my computer for writing and shopping. I do not use it unless I have to. I have not written much this summer as it is summer and life is outside or busy doing things with my husband. I am sad so many have given over their body and souls to this insanity of being literally placed online by those who do and will continue to control you. I also know nothing I say  or do will stop it but I have to be true to my own soul and try.

I hope you will listen to the videos I  post as they may wake you up to the reality of it all  and convince you to disconnect just to clear your head  from  what may be your own devastation.

I hope you can go cell phone - gadgetless   and go out and enjoy what is left of the summer, 

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If you love your hand held phone and gadgets you MUST view the video's below





This may be your or your children and grandchildren s future   

August 7, 2015

Night Crawlers- and They Packed Up and Went Home!

Fact or Faked - Fresno CA footage

I believe it was around the summer of 2010 when I watched an episode of the TV show Fact or Faked that included an event that took place in Fresno California that they referred to as the Night-crawler episode.

The show was sent a video of what appeared to be two stick like creatures walking in an awake mechanical clumsy   gait across the front lawn of a house in Fresno California. The area seemed to be a typical suburban neighborhood lined with normal houses on an average street. The only thing that was skin crawling strange was the video caught on a security home camera of the two extremely odd creatures walking across the front lawn of the one home on this otherwise typical American street in the middle of the night.

The video was bone chilling as it showed two strange beings walk in stick like stiff fashion across the front lawn of the house on the way to wherever it was they were going. The creatures looked stick like with a ladder open and closing or bug like action with legs that seemed to fight with the planet around them. They looked to be possibly covered in some type of material however the video was not clear enough to determine too many details other than the fact these things were not something we would recognize as being creatures from our earth.

The TV show Fact and Faked decided to send a team of qualified investigators to see if they could debunk or replicate the event before they deem it a possible true unexplained happening.  The team tried to replicate the video and when they could not do so decided to include an overnight watch and search of the area that DID provide more evidence something strange was taking place at this location.

The Fact and Faked team decided to stay at the location and do an extended night investigation where they found unexplained images on their night vision equipment and heard very odd noises that they followed to then edge of either a lake or some type of water source in the area.

The team conclided that they could not replicate the video and could not identify what was caught on the video. The team then did what EVERY paranormal team you see on your TV does that covers the subjects considered paranormal   --- they packed up and went home!   This is where I throw my hands up in the air and ask, what the hell is wrong with everyone?

How could anyone see this video and investigate this event and find it to be explainable simply slap their hands together and say “Yep that seems to be real “and quickly pack up and leave?

  I would think the normal response would be to call in more trained investigators, people of science maybe a university or at least a better funded media source to set up in the area and do all possible to figure out what the creatures were crawling around the homes of the people living in this area. The fact they just left was outrageous.  I must say I like the Fact or Faked show but never understood why they felt that simply because they can replicate a video means that what they are trying to replicate did not happen?  Most shows show recreations of real events all the time. The fact that is possible to duplicate is a silly premise to use to deny the reality of many unexplained things that exist in this world.

When a group of investigators research any unknown event be it a UFO or ghost or Bigfoot sighting it has become the norm for them to get right to the point that they are at the edge of finding real evidence when instead of sticking it out to completion they slap those hands together and say " Looks like the answer is just over that hill so let’s pack it up and go home!"

 This happens over and over and the public seems brainwashed or trained to be happy with it that way. Instead of screaming for follow through and answers with more investigation they have a big yawn, turn off the TV and go off to bed brain dead to the fact that  what they just watched may have been very real and something one day they may need to deal with face to face.

A good friend of mine told me that he believes that fear of the truth concerning all these strange scary subjects keeps society wanting them to all be science fiction entertainment silliness that exists to give them goose bumps but never taken seriously. I agree with my friend and fear for those who refuse to understand they are carefully being fed a line of deception that keeps the public deaf dumb and blind to things that those who control this world would rather not explain. By keeping the public entertained with floods of paranormal entertainment they are able to keep the public  happy like when you shake a bunch of shinny keys to catch the attention of a cranky baby. It also allows a tiny bit of truth to be peppered in with the fun and nonsense that is dumped on us all in form of sci- fi entertainment.

It is up to the individual to think about all of these things and research subjects that may one day be part of their daily life. If you are one of those who know we are being trained not to look for answers yet know that there are many unknowns we should and need to understand I am sure you will continue to shovel through the piles of fraud and nonprofessional research out there and look for the places where truth may exist.

The other people who are happy as it is will continue to stay happily uninformed and ignorant to what is and what is not the reality in which they live. Those who do want answers will take more time in searching for truth and let those who produce the current flow of slop thrown at the viewers by the ongoing flood of low level paranormal media that they want more answers and less packing up and leaving when they do find interesting events that have legs and may produce evidence or answers.

One day a media group may hire qualified researchers and do real investigations where they combine with science or educational organizations and continue on to completion when they do find strange events that seem to truly exist and stay and search and find real answers.

 Until then we are going to have whatever those producing the low quality shows of insult to our intelligent material continue to throw at us by the bucket full in the media rush by those who make as much as they can on an audience who will sit slack jawed watching whatever garbage is tossed our way in braindead bliss.

 I shake my head in despair as I watch tons of fundamental data lost as we continue to botch and neglect the science and reality that we discard daily by a society that does not care or try to grow in areas that they simply do not understand. The sad truth is we stay in the dark ages of things we should already know by hand of our own choice and fear. We fear that which we do not understand to the point it seems to paralyze us to the point of standing still when we should excel. I imagine other species that may visit earth from far more advanced civilizations find us not only primitive but amusing at our desire to stay this way.  However until we all demand more we will stay happily ignorant of the space around us and continue to smile away the days as we watch them almost catch that Bigfoot but time ran out and although he was just arm’s length away we pack up and go home leaving us spinning along on our rat wheel of denial and fear. 

Until that changes  it is what it is and all any of us can do is try to search out the real from the fake on our own and do what we can to figure out the real answers to so many unknown questions on so many unexplained subjects

Since I found the night -crawler video extremely interesting I have added a few videos on my blog site for you to view so you can make your own conclusion on this event that took place in Fresno California as well as a few links I found from other writers who have investigated the night -crawler encounter.

Links to other Night-crawler articles:
Phantom and Monsters

Two Crows Paranormal

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July 28, 2015

Randy Maugans and Chris Holly Discuss How Technology Controls You and Where it is Taking You

You may not agree and may be offended but it is time I say it as I see it. Just give our message a think before you go with anger as it may be the most important thinking you do

July 22, 2015

Summer 2015 and the Orbs are Everywhere

Summer 2015 and the Orbs are Everywhere

Although I am on vacation I could not sit on the constant reports I have been sent in the last few weeks of Orbs being reported to me. I have listed the emails and posted the photos they have sent to me so you are aware of what is being seen in our skies. I hope you all keep aware of your surroundings and watch the sky and note what is there that is not like anything you have ever seen before. I am positive that is we all looked up and did it often it would only be a matter of time that you too would see something you could not explain. Put down your addictive phones and hand held gadgets and engage with real life and look at really exists right in front of your own nose!  

Some reports are simple emails like the ones below:


 My daughter and I went to the  Greenport carnival in Greenport New York on July 4th to watch the fireworks. They were scheduled for 10pm.
About 5minutes before they were to start a man with his family said what is that over the water tower? I looked over and saw 3 orange/ red lights in a triangular formation which did not move for 5 minutes. Then then just seemed to turn off or fade out.

Hi Chris

Date: Monday 7/20/2015.....
Location: West Babylon New York.....looking eastward......
Time: 10:00-10:15pm

I notice a large red orb in the sky....not moving......I watch it for 5mins. .......smaller silver orb leaves red orb heading orb begins to slowly move southward towards the Great South bay.......then appears to change direction and head eastward and UP !!!......not across the sky like a regular aircraft....but up


HI Chris,

I was told what I saw was a lantern, but it maintained its brightness for the 10 minutes I was looking at it, stayed in one spot, changed into bright green then back to red. Moved slightly (very slowly) to the left...then stopped there for 5 or so more minutes. Once the fireworks we were watching at another spot in the sky was done, it moved away from our direction - moving forward. So yeah, I just refuse to believe it is a lantern. I know it is an aircraft of some sort but whether it is of this earth or from somewhere else I would not know. But definitely not a lantern because it was stationary and moved only slightly to a complete stop again before moving away towards another stationary red light from a distance.

Other Reports are more detailed with photos see below:

Hi there, my name is John I was on a camping trip with a friend of mine recently in Stampede pass Washington. We were camping on the side of a highly remote mountain when we decided to go for a little night hike to view some stars. Upon reaching the top of the mountain, we laid down and stargazed for what seemed like 30 minutes as when i looked at the time it was 2:30 am. we noticed one of the stars we were viewing just up and took off which was quite odd to my companion and I, then to our surprise an extremely large red orange object lit up the sky in front of us. The orb was above the mountain peaks but hovering quite low for how large it seemed, i took out my iPhone and snapped a few photos before my phone died randomly. we were so frightened by this massive hovering light that we retreated to our campsite and had a very sleepless night, thinking we were about to be abducted by some horrible alien craft. this was probably the most scared I’ve ever been in the woods as I regularly camp, hunt, fish, and do other recreation in the far reaches of the wilderness.

Also notice the small orb that hovers around the larger one that then shoots into the darkness, I didn’t notice this upon seeing the red orb.

Hi, my name is Adam 

In the last few months it has become BEYOND obvious to me that there are bright orbs in the sky proliferating over western Washington, and apparently elsewhere as well. Small bright orbs are visible any time of day, even in broad daylight on the periphery of clouds. In fact, the odd, geometric-shaped spider web-like clouds that are not the clouds I remember from my youth. They almost always include a few orbs seemingly "spinning" these odd clouds as a spider would spin a web. It is impossible for me to think that professional meteorologists, astronomers, and the like of those whose JOB it is to observe the sky have not noticed this.

 If it is obvious to me, it should be more than obvious to aircraft pilots, and anyone else looking at the sky with even a small attention to detail whatsoever. Why is it not being explained? I don’t presume that it’s UFOs, aliens, or the bogie man, perhaps its solar radiation or some other natural phenomenon, but why in the world isn’t the body of scientific literature addressing this in any way? I have hundreds of photos of them, they sometimes appear as streaks in photos even with high shutter speeds on a tripod. They also appear to split apart and rejoin. I have enclosed a few images I have the raw photos as well


I will be returning to my vacation time but do hope you all keep your eyes on the sky and most of all be careful out there.

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July 18, 2015

Summer and the Grilling is Easy

 It is that time  of year that my husband and I take a bit of a break to rest enjoy the warm weather and just take it easy 

I will be back  once our summer adventures are over   Have a wonderful Summer





July 9, 2015


When I was a child my parents had very good friends that lived nearby. We all lived in a small hamlet along the banks of Great River located on the south shore coast of Long Island New York.

My parent’s friends were a lovely quiet conservative family who were not prone to flights of fancy or believing anything without hard facts to back it. They were a serious, successful couple who lived a careful, well-planned life of thoughtful reflection and controlled emotion. My parents enjoyed their company. My family and my parent’s friend’s family would often spend time sharing BBQ s in our yards or having clam bakes along the water’s edge during the long summer nights. We shared many good times with this other family.

The event I am going to tell you about happened shortly after the Fourth of July during the early 1960's. . It was a Saturday night in early July.

My parent’s friends were celebrating their wedding anniversary on this Saturday night and after dinner they decided to take their new Cadillac convertible for a drive with the top down to the village dock to star gaze for a few minutes before returning home. The night was clear and the stars bright and clear.

 The next day my family was sitting around having Sunday breakfast when the phone rang. My father answered it. My parents friend was on the phone asking my father if he and my mother could stop over and help him as he was having some sort of problem with his wife and needed their help. Of course my parents went right over after such an odd request.

Hours later my parents came home and told us that their friends had a strange experience the night before at the village dock My father explained how after dinner the couple had taken a ride in their new car with the top down to the dock They rode down to the docks edge where three other cars were also parked—the occupants of the other cars were also taking in the beautiful summer night sky.

 My parent’s friends said they were sitting there only a few minutes soaking in the night when they noticed a light coming in off the bay at the mouth of the river toward them.
He told my father it   happened quickly. In a matter of seconds they could see the light take form and right there, hovering in front of them over the river, was a huge craft—a large flying saucer.

The man told my father that along with the other people parked at the river they immediately became terrified and tried to start their cars in order to drive away.

They felt very vulnerable with the car top but he could not get the motor running or the top mechanism to work in order to close the top for some protection. He had explained to my father that the huge flying saucer just floated with a low, dull hum over the river for about a minute when suddenly a vivid bright light show started. The body of the craft began to change colors—first blue then red then orange and then back to blue. His wife began to panic and scream and tried to crawl over the side of the car.

He could not start the car. He saw that the other people in the other cars were running into the wooded area adjacent to the dock as their cars also refused to start. He grabbed his wife and they did the same.

They ran into the foliage along the river’s edge and found a large fallen tree. They hid under the tree. From there they could see the river and that the craft was now shooting brilliant rays of incredible neon light across the water. They hid and watched in total fear. The craft continued to do this for about ten minutes. It then turned back to its original dull grey color and as quickly as it had made its way down the river, it made its way back up the river towards the bay and took off into the night sky. Within seconds it went from being right in front of them to becoming a tiny dot of light barely visible in the sky above them.

One of the owners of the other cars had made his way back to the dock and his car. The others all watched as he started his car. Everybody then ran to their respective cars and sped away from that dock, engines roaring and wheels screeching.

A few weeks passed with this being the main talk of the community. The people were anxious and looking for reason or at least an explanation from the local police. Instead, the only response was the entire experience becoming the laugh of the town as if the “river people” had all gone nutty!

My father now kept his shotgun loaded, and started to lock the house tightly at night. The other people who lived along the rivers coast seemed on edge too and we all stayed closer to home especially at night.

 The worst of it was the wife of my parent’s friend who was there that night started to decline quickly.  She started taking lots of pills and drinking heavily. This once well-groomed, conservative lady was now often messy or drugged so that she constantly slept.  My parents were often upset and my mom received calls nearly every day asking for her to go check on her friend while her husband was at work. My world seemed to be turned upside down by this night of lights in the summer sky.

Eventually the summer turned to fall and school started. The lady who was my parent’s friend never did get back to her usual self and her husband decided to buy a smaller house closer to his work and other family members so that he could better care for her. He kept his river home but seemed only to ride out and check it alone on weekends. We never saw them much after that.

My parents decided to sell our river home the following summer. I am unsure how much this incident contributed to their decision but we did leave our riverside haven and moved into town near more people and far from the water’s edge.

I have no idea what happened that night over the river. I do not know what really happened to that couple or what made the wife of my parent’s friend snap like she did. I do know she lived out the rest of her life broken from what she witnessed that night over the river. 
I realized as I grew up that this couple obviously had far more happen to them that night and either the husband did not remember it or choose to stay silent about it however it damaged his wife for life.

I often wonder how many other people like this couple and all those who were at that dock that night have similar stories about strange things seen on lovely summer nights that due to society’s reactions stay silent which keeps us all locked in the dark.  

I do know that encounters like this one happen all the time by people just like you and me. I think it best we all pay attention to our surrounding and to be careful where you go when alone as you never know when you will be the next to come eye to eye with the cold dead stare of the unknown!

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June 24, 2015

Are They Mine- Abductees Worst Fear


During the past few years I have written about people who have had strange encounters with alien or unknown beings as well as lost time events.  The people involved in these events are often referred to as contactees or experiencers or abductees. They are people who are taken against their will with their lives and bodies invaded or used until they are returned confused with no or little memory of what took place.

 Many of these people started having strange events happen to them as small children some as young as age three. Most of the encounters are vague at best in memory while messages or ideas seem to become implanted in the minds of those taken which they in turn feel compelled to explain or share after the abduction or lost time experience.

I have interviewed many people who have been through this type of event and have found many similar threads that run through this community of people.
 Today I want to discuss one of those similarities. 

Among the abduction victims I have talked to the subject of children or being used for the collection of biological material to use for a inter species reproduction project seems to be a main concern for these people. The subject comes into the conversation usually by way of the abductee as it seems to be a topic that weighs heavily on their minds.

 The idea of being used to produce a child or life form that is only half human and that half coming from them is an idea that pushes the abductees to a point of deep concern and fear. I have been told over and over that their worse fear would be for them to come face to face with a being that they thought was theirs by way of their abductions.

I know this fear has been realized in a few cases where those who have experienced these events have an experience where either children or teens are shown to abductees without explanation. Odd looking children or teens will appear in strange places and either simply look at or speak a few words to the abductee before quickly walking away or vanish before the abductee can react to them. These odd visits leave the abductee with a deep implanted feeling that they were shown their alien hybrid children.

The people who have had this happen seem to be rare however they all were seriously shaken by the event, They are people who carry the images of these children or teens with fear anguish and upset after the experience making their life harder as they struggle wondering why they are the one who has been chosen to endure these horrid abduction experiences.

I have worked with and have become friends with Randy Maugans who is the host of Off Planet Radio.  Randy and I have worked together on his shows and have become friends due to the fact we share a great deal in common with our thinking and personal experiences with the unknown.

Randy is a lifelong experiencer with strange events happening to him starting when he was a small child of about three. He has continued with odd events and lost time scenarios during his entire lifetime. Although Randy’s radio show covers the subjects of the unknown Randy has only recently started to discuss his own experiences recently.

Randy and I were discussing a show we were preparing to work on together when I started to ask him a bit more about his own encounters. Randy floored me when he mentioned that a few years ago he had a truly upsetting experience that has kept him nervous and confused since.

Randy was working late and took a break at dinner time to go get something to eat. He was sitting at an outdoor table during the late summer eating all alone when two strange young people approached him. Randy has agreed to tell us in his own words what took place;

“I was having dinner at a Chinese takeout place one night in September 2010. The place had a covered area with tables outside. It was a nice night so I went out and sat down to eat my dinner. I was the only one there at the time eating. I was busy with my dinner when I felt someone was there or looking at me so I looked up to find two young people standing a few feet away from me.

The moment I noticed them they walked right up to my table inches from where I sat, One was a teenage male in his late teens the other a teen female a bit younger, They were very strange looking. They were both on the tall side but extremely thin. They wore jeans but they did not look like a normal teen as they had on odd shirts and wore their hair unlike most kids, I know I have a house full of teenagers. They had pale skin and extremely large eyes. The eyes were blue but way too big for their faces and skull.  They had straight slit like pupils not round like ours. The boy had shaggy dark blonde hair the girl dark straight hair with a large widow’s peek.

The two of them stood close and over me until the male bent down a bit and I heard in my head his voice saying "Hello how are you " He did not communicate this orally it was done mentally. With that the two of them stepped back and quickly took off in to the parking lot area.

The Chinese restaurant is in a strip mall. The restaurant is located on the end making it the last store in the strip. I was extremely shaken at what had just happened and got up immediately and stepped out into the parking lot which I could clearly see from my vantage point and searched for them. It was only seconds that passed yet I could not see them anywhere, I knew they did not even have enough time to make it to a car much less disappear from the parking area, I walked around and looked but could not find any sign of them. I returned to my table however was so upset by the event that I was physically shaking and needed to calm down before I was able to drive and return to work.

I knew that the two were not fully human and will tell you that one horrid thought went through my mind as I was experiencing this and every day since. The horror that flowed through my mind then and still does now is one thought - are they mine?

Once I returned to work I immediately took notes and drew a sketch of what I had just experienced. I have to tell you that this event is one that really has and still does shake me to my bone. "

Below are Randy's notes and sketch from that day.

 Notes of Randy Maugans :

Eyes: approximately 1/3 size larger than normal (the drawing is a visual representation, but not exact); (creepy) the irises of both subjects were elliptical, not round. I recall both subjects’ eyes were light-colored: the male had green-blue eyes; the female’s eyes were nearly translucent with a slight blue tint—it was quite stunning.

The ears were not “pointy”, but slightly more elongated than the average human subject; the lobes were either attached or did not exist’

Hard to show in the sketch, but the cranial (foreheads) were more prominent; i.e.- frontal cranium had a very noticeable protrusion.

Female subject had a noticeable “widows peak”; the male, as I recall did not but the hair was also longish likely more of a forward sweep. Male’s hair was light, or blondish, the female’s hair was dark…black? Can’t say for certain now.

The heights of the subjects were, relative to my height (5’11-1/2”)—male around 5’11”, female around 5’8” or so (sketch, right side line sketch).


When I saw Randy's sketch I was a bit shocked as many years ago I talked with a man who had a few UFO sightings in his lifetime. He was 80 years old at the time but sharp and clear in his thinking. He told me of his fear that he had alien children and also had sketched three young children about 12 who looked very much like the ones Randy drew. I wish I had kept the drawing but it was over 20 years since I last saw this man and I was not yet gathering information in the fashion I try to do now and cannot find his sketch, I do recall the three children had large eyes were very thin and also spoke to him in his head.

I talked to one of the abductees that I interviewed over the last few years about what happened to Randy to find out if she knew of any others who had this experience. At once she burst in to tears and said “This man (referring to Randy) has lived my worst nightmare".

 She explained that her worst fear since she had started to be taken in her late teens was that one day she too would be shown children that were alien and half her flesh and blood and the thought has terrorized her for years, I did not know how to comfort her as I think all abductees feel the same way. Randy was just chosen for some reason to be shown what may have been his.

Maybe the reason Randy feels compelled to dive in to the unknown with his radio shows is due to his experiences with the unknown. Maybe his being shown the two teen beings was so Randy would discuss it and bring the idea of it out to the public to consider as the time for us to learn more truth in these matters starts to come closer and closer.

It is possible that the reason those like Randy are the ones taken relates to their biology and DNA as well as blood type. Many if not almost most abductees I have come to know all share the odd coincidence of having RH negative blood factor which is rare in the overall population but usual in the abduction population . You find other factors as well including eye color and family background origins, many have Irish family lines as well as other similar traits.
I think those taken are taken not for who they are as an individual but for the body chemistry. they were born with.That also explains why many abduction cases can be known to run in families .

Whatever Randy encountered that night I think it all adds up to the fact it is time we understand what is happening to so many people like Randy and start trying to research what is happening to them.

 What Randy experienced as well as all who have seen an odd craft and all those who have had experiences they cannot explain  is that this is not a TV horror movie or  science fiction . These are not new movie trailers we are discussing or scary stories to entertain you.

We take our time to tell you these things as they happen to real people just like you all the time and we need to stop being so ignorant of things we do not understand and must start to try to grasp on to the fact that it is time to stop being ridiculous and start wanting to know what the hell is going on out there before it may just be too late.With knowledge and in strength we can continue as a species in ignorance and divided we will fail.

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