August 15, 2014



We have never seen anything like this before. What will the future be for all of us ? I fear we are now in times that many have warned you to prepare for. Are you ready?  This could be you at any day , it is the world that is changing and YOU will not be spared so wise up and prepare!

13 inches of rain in a few hours time on Long Island New York

Watching what will happen all over the world Long Island fights with the devastation of losing everything via the new way of life on this planet. If your still not concerned know it is only time before your area becomes changed completely by all the huge on going changes nature is dumping upon us . Earthquakes and massive storms along with more flooding and severe climate changes is what is ahead for us all, Are you ready?

Photo: Watching what will happen all over the world Long Island fights with the devastation of losing everything via the new way of life on this planet. If your still not concerned know it is only time before your area becomes changed completely by all the huge on going changes nature is dumping upon us . Earthquakes and massive storms along with more flooding and severe climate changes is what is ahead for us all, Are you ready?


June 26, 2014

The Mysterious Shadow People By Jake Holly



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My brother Jake and I had a discussion about different subjects considered unknown that he found interesting He talked about topics that I had not written about that he thought may be overlooked and not discussed as much as he thought they should be by people like me. Among the subjects Jake talked about where Then Men in Black and Shadow People.

I will admit I have not gotten around to writing about those subjects and suggested Jake take a stab at doing a little writing of his own.

Jake surprised me by sending me an article about his opinions of The Men in Black. I was delighted as I am taking some vacation time and have not been doing any writing at all. I posted my brothers article which was received well by my readers.   Jake enjoyed placing his ideas down to share so much that he has now sent me another article about the topic of ‘Shadow People” 
The following is Jake's article concerning Shadow People.

Chris Holly

                                                           Shadow People
                                                           By Jake Holly

I became interested in Shadow People when I started to watch all the TV shows about ghosts as well as listening to those who claim they can communicate with the dead.  Often they would talk on a side line note about seeing something that they would name a Shadow person, but would seem to simply leave that part of the show or investigation laying there like an old shoe they threw out of the way as they continued on with either the ghost hunt or communication with a passed spirit. I could not get over how easily this topic was brought up and as easily pushed aside and forgotten.

A few times when questioned about what they were talking about when the object or star of one of these shows brought up Shadow People they would quickly gloss over it by saying they were not sure what they were but did fear them.

In my mind that just is not good enough. If they exist and if those who have seen them fear them I would think we all would want and need to know a great deal more about what Shadow People are and what we need to do if we encounter one. Are they dangerous?  If so I want to know.

I asked my sister for the names of the psychics she had interviewed over the years as well as what information she had to do with the subject of Shadow People. I also spoke to three people I found by way of mouth who claimed to have seen a Shadow person. I know this is not a huge amount of research however it is a start to figuring out what may be happening in the mystery of living people coming in contact visually with a Shadow Person.

I was lucky when it came to my questioning the intuitive people about the Shadow People issue. Each one of them told me the same thing. Shadow People are not and never were living human beings and seem to be watching us for reasons no one understands. They also told me that they feared Shadow People, felt they were capable of hurting those they appeared to be watching and were basically evil. 

The people I talked with that saw Shadow People also told me they were terrified by them and felt they wanted to harm them.  I was not shocked by this as one of the things that peaked my interest in this subject was a comment by Amy Allen of the Dead Files TV show. Amy talked about how she disliked the Shadow People and feared them as she claims they tried to kill her as a child. I wanted to know from that point on what they were and why they were here.

My sister Chris told me that as far as she knew, from her time in the paranormal talking to those who deal with these things regularly, the Shadow People were both unexplained and dangerous.
She told me that several highly respected ghost researchers told her they believed the Shadow People to be inter-dimensional beings. They thought they use the opportunity made way by open portals opened by those communicating with the dead to quickly enter our dimension. They felt once those portals are open Shadow People can somehow use them as hall ways to enter our space. Other people I spoke with had opinions about the Shadow People that include alien involvement.

Before I go any further let me describe as has been described to me what a Shadow Person looks like. The most common description I have been given is of a man’s shadow all in solid black, no shades or different colors other than complete  coal black. The creature is only in shadow form as if you are looking at a shadow on a building of a man walking by. The Shadow man often appears to be dressed in an overcoat or raincoat wearing a classic fedora style hat. Other people describe them simply as a shadow of a man without features.
I have heard people tell me that they often find Shadow People around the same areas that hauntings are reported to be happening. That is why I feel they may use the opening or weakness between dimension’s that  may exist when spirits pass through or keep open while active hauntings are going on to enter via using this open portal. It may be that in places where this activity is happening it makes it much easier for them to open a doorway from wherever they may come from to invade and explore our time and dimension. 

I am confused  why Shadow People  would try to harm us or even attempt to kill us unless they are somehow threatened by those they try to hurt. In the case of Amy Allen perhaps her extreme abilities to cross different realms of existence made her a threat and they attack those who they fear. Maybe they are just heartless soulless killers who are black in nature and heart as they are in appearance. This is something we need to figure out if they are going to continue to visit our time, our world and our dimension. 

I need to make a distinction here between the phenomenon of black mist that is also often seen at haunted areas and Shadow People. I do not think the shapeless mist that is encountered many times at haunted places is connected to or part of the Shadow People issue at all. I think that the black mist is indeed related to the spirit world. I also think it is negative and trying to form into something evil but does not belong to the Shadow People issue. I also think that with the correct cleansing and rituals that the black mist situation can be dissolved or removed from the locations they are trying to manifest.  I do not think any of that is possible with the Shadow People situation. It seems they come and go as they please and do not think that our abilities are capable of dealing with them. In fact the only advice I was able to find concerning them was to remove yourself from where you see them and stay away from them.

In asking those who have dealt with or happened to see a Shadow Person I also came to find that they are seen in different places. Haunted areas seem to attract the Shadow People as I already stated due to the fact it may be easier for them to enter by way of other things happening at the haunted areas. I have also been told of people witnessing Shadow People at grave yards, in wooded areas as well as in houses and building that were not considered haunted. I think in the case of the grave yards the same ease as other haunted areas applies making their portal easier to open and close. However other places that have had visits from Shadow People I think may simply be unfortunate to be located where the Shadow People are able to open the door from their world to ours and those located near these entrances are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Those with strong intuitive or sixth senses also may assist in some strange way making entering our dimension or time and space easier for them making the Shadow People seek out those with those abilities to enter our realm. 

I cannot ignore the fact that the Shadow People have common ground in dress to The Men in Black. I heard one late night radio show where a call in guest suggested that the Shadow People are aliens who will manifest in to the Men in Black if they need to. I do think that this may be possible and both the Shadow People and the Men in Black are something we simply do not understand.
For now I will think of them as watchers who we need to stay away from until we can find some way to figure out what all of these things are, where they come from and what they want from us here in our time on our earth living our human lives.

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June 19, 2014

The Mystery of The Men In Black

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My brother Jake and I had a very interesting discussion about The Men in Black issue while I visited with him last week. We continued talking late in to the night as Jake had a great deal to say on the subjects of not only Men in Black but shadow people and reports of black mist appearing in haunting reports.

I will admit that all of those subjects have been neglected by me over the years and it was good to sit and talk to someone who had spent time reading and researching them in order to develop his own theories on these curious subjects.

I suggested that Jake should write something up for me about these topics to publish, not thinking he actually would, and to my delighted surprise my brother did. Jake's first article is about the Men in Black. I am hopeful while I take my hiatus from the strange and unknown Jake will send in his thoughts on all things that interest him in the blackness of the unknown.  

The following is Jake's take on the Men in Black 
Chris Holly

                                                      Men in Black
                                                      By Jake Holly

I have to admit that although having a family that is deeply involved in things considered strange and unknown I really did not keep up with most of the things being talked or written about. 

There were a few topics however that always caught my attention yet seemed to be subjects that did not seem to get as much attention by the public or media outlets when I would search for information on them.

The Men in Black were always a curious thing to me. At first when talk of them started to show up in the Ufology world I assumed the Men in Black were government agents who were sent out to confirm or look for evidence when UFO reports surfaced.

I thought little of it as that is how our government operates and believed the men sent out in typical dull clothes in Government Issue cars were simply G-men bored with their assignments doing a quick obligatory stop in to those making outrageous reports of UFO’s and aliens.

 The reports I read seemed to play out like an old time black and white movie of a bunch of bored G-men forced to go where they did not want to go , who would take a quick look around with cigarettes hanging from their lips as they rush to get back to their hideaway to play cards and drink coffee until they are forced out in their dirty old rain coats to run through another quick stop at another wacko's house who called in yet another flying saucer sighting.

I held this attitude about the Men in Black issue until a few years ago when I finally realized I never asked my sister, who spends hours of her life researching UFO's, aliens and abductions,  what she thought of the Men in Black or if she ever saw them or talked to anyone who had? I knew my sister talked to thousands of people over the years who had seen UFO’s and aliens but did not remember her ever mentioning the G-men in black to me.

A few years back while helping  Chris with one of our family holiday get to gather’s I finally remembered to ask her  what she knew about the infamous Men in Black.

I was astonished by her answer, she looked at me and said: 

 “I do not know anything at all about them. I never saw one, never spoke to anyone who saw one or had to deal with them and personally do not think they are government or military people if they do exist”

I could not believe my sisters answer and questioned her about this as I was sure someone  over all the years she had been researching UFO’s and aliens would have had contact with the  Men in Black somewhere along the way.  I asked her about the abduction victims she interviewed and the answer was the same. Not one person ever mentioned the Men in Black visiting or sitting in black vehicles in front of their homes. I was really shocked at this and decided to look a bit more on what information I could find on this Men in Black topic.

I spent many hours searching into the material that is available on this subject and came to my own conclusion about who and what the Men in Black may be.

First I do believe that certain people who have had sightings of UFO’ and witnessed possible alien activity have been visited by strange men dressed in black who drive black cars or vans.

Years ago the descriptions of those reporting seeing Men in Black would talk about the fact they did look alike and many seemed to have an Asian type of face.
Newer reports however started to change and a clearer view was emerging concerning exactly how the Men and Black looked.

They were said to be tall over 6ft and oddly always exactly the same height. They were thin with very light skin, large odd blue eyes and either bald or wearing what looked to be wigs, but exactly the same wig and color on each man. They seemed to travel in pairs and wore sun glasses that covered the fact they did not seem to have eyelashes or eye brows. 

I could not find any photos of the above mentioned until the day I found the You Tube of the incident that took place in a hotel lobby where two Men in Black individuals were caught on camera while questioning the people in the hotel lobby about someone in the hotel area who had recently reported a UFO sighing. 

As I watched the video (I will send my sister the video for you  to view on her blog) I realized at once who these men were and why they looked as they do.
 I also realized and believe that along with my sister and a room full of people who worked in or had an extreme interest in science may have had contact years ago in a Yahoo chat room with one of these creatures. 
In short I believe that the Men in Black are a certain type of alien visitor who are sent out after one of their crafts are accidentally seen or made contact with  humans.
Surely there are many types of aliens that visit this planet that range from non-threatening to those who use us as experiments or harvest us for material they may need right through to heartless killers who simply do what they want with the humans they encounter.

The Men in Black I think are a specific type of  alien who attempt to communicate with those who report seeing their crafts or catch them in their activities here on earth. I have no idea why they send out these duplicate looking robotic type beings to make these follow up calls but apparently that is exactly what they are doing.

Years ago an entire chat room full of people, who when web cam viewing first became available in chat rooms, all became familiar  in this one Yahoo science based chat room with a man who called himself Sirius thinker or Sirius visitor. 

He was the most unusual man we had ever seen. He was extremely thin with milk colored skin with huge eyes. I do not remember if they were brown or blue. He was completely hairless and extremely strange on all levels. He was extremely well educated in what seemed to be every level of science and seemed more like a wax robot then a man. His voice was not male or female but somewhere in between and very disturbing.  He would creep out everyone who spent time talking to him and would avoid or refuse to answer questions about his appearance or private life. 

This odd person made one last visit to this chat room very late one night where he simply stated he was returning to from where he came from as he finished his required time here and turned off his cam and that was that he was gone. 

There were a few smart people who encountered this man in that chat room who somehow had a location on him that was narrowed down  to a small town in Florida. A group of men decided this man was so unusual that they decided to join together and take a trip to visit this man as his manner, looks and knowledge was so odd they really felt he needed to be investigated.  When they arrived at his last location they found a large plot of land in the middle of nowhere and not one sign of this man  was anywhere to be found.

Once I viewed the hotel lobby video of the recent case of a visit from The Men in Black I knew exactly what our chat room friend had been and also believed that the ones caught on this video were two more just like him. 

I think they are aliens who for reasons we may never understand are sent after the fact to areas where certain crafts and alien activity was seen and reported for reasons we do not understand. I do not think they harm people but of course we cannot be sure of anything as frankly we do not know who or what these being are or why they are here and even more confusing why they only seem to be seen after particular events are reported or certain Ufology information is involved.

I do know that after viewing the video of the hotel incident and listening to those who did deal with the two Men in Black that day that we all need to pay attention to strange men dressed in Black who are twin like in appearance and to keep a great deal of distance between them and us at all times.

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aliens photo: Aliens Reading Aliensreadingnewspaper.jpg *********************************************************

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While writing and interviewing the group of people I refer to as Real Time Abductees two sisters became part of the abductee group.

I use the term Real Time Abductions to describe abductions and lost time events that regular everyday people are forced to endure while going about the routine of their normal daily life. The people are not asleep or hypnotized do they get messages telepathically. These abductions occur while the people are fully awake and going about the routine business of their everyday life.

There are common occurrences that link these specific types of abduction. The people are all fully awake going about the business of their day or night when suddenly they find they are in a situation that leaves them open to being taken. They may be driving alone in their cars, or walking down a lonely street or simply placing their trash out at night for pick up the next day. All that is needed is a moment of opportunity for those who take these people to quickly snatch and abduct them for whatever purpose they so desire.

The Real Time Abductees usually remember the start of the encounter and what they were doing when the approach of either strange lights, an unknown craft or odd life forms appear. The abductees may or may not have any recall of what takes place during the time they are taken by their captors but do recall waking ill and shaken sometimes close to where they were taken other times miles away from where the abduction occurred. The abductee usually find a lost time of about three hours and at best only flash memories of what took place while they were missing.

Many of the people I interviewed over the years have been tortured with these strange lost time events of abduction starting in childhood and continuing on during their life time until they are in their 70s.  Many come from families where this oddness is generational and can be traced back to parents and grandparents. There are families where multiple members are taken.

I am sad to report that I have been contacted by two older members of the abduction group I interviewed and wrote about a few summers ago. They wanted to inform me of what was continuing to happen to them.  I somehow thought as I started my research years ago on this subject that with age would come a reduction of abduction events in the life of the abductees. Many of them who were aging did find they were no longer being taken and they did feel the aging process could be what was protecting them from these horrid kidnapping abusive abductions by unknown beings.

Donna and Kate are two sisters who were both lifelong abductees as was their father. Now both seniors they hoped they were past having to deal with the horror of abduction at this point in their life but unfortunately it appears to continue despite the fact they are aging and were hopeful this nightmare would end with their advanced age.

The younger sister, in her early 60’s, recently retired from a successful career in science mostly in research labs. The other sister is a bit older at age 75 spends her time in her home retired from her career as a medical doctor. The sisters have had successful careers as well as being married with children and grandchildren.

By all outward appearances you would not think anything was out of the ordinary or strange in the lives of the sisters, they appear normal in all ways including living in typical suburban homes surrounded by long term neighbors, friends and family.

It has been a long hard road for Kate and Donna as they have been fighting with and dealing with lost time abduction events since they were children. Kate recalls being taken very early in life starting before the age of 5 while Donna 's events began later in life with the first event happening in her early 20's. The sisters have other siblings who seem to have been spared this burden of abduction however the women’s father also suffered abduction encounters starting when he was 13 which stayed with him until he was in his late 50s.

The sisters knowing this about their father hoped that they too would be spared continued abductions once they started to age. Sadly for them that is not the case. Both sisters have had continued abductions.

Kate contacted me to let me know that she and her entire family would be leaving with her sister’s family to a new area in which they will be taking drastic steps, which I will not be going in to, in order to try to prevent anymore events happening to the sisters. The sisters met with me to tell me what had happened to them and to my regret to say good bye.

Both sisters suffer physical problems due to a life time of abductions in which they were returned ill, burned or physically altered until they both have extreme problems with illness and skin infections as well as other physical oddities.

Having science backgrounds and knowing many people who they were able to trust to help them.  The sisters feel that their backgrounds did help them survive their abduction ordeals. They feel they were without question taken due to a genetic feature unique to their father’s family. The sisters think they were used for adrenal, hormonal or DNA biological material 

They knew early on that they were somehow being drained as it took them weeks to recover back to a degree of health after each event of abduction. As the years passed and the encounters continued the sisters both started to develop strange aliments and horrific skin problems that went unexplained by the medical help they did try to find.

 Donna being a doctor and Kate a person of science actually were able to keep alive by way of their own backgrounds and abilities. They often would say that those who go through this hell without the knowledge to survive may often die young without the true cause of what was happening ever being discovered. The stigma of being an abductee often keeps those being taken and harmed silent suffering alone without any help at all.

Kate and Donna decided to spend the day together about a month ago in early April. Kate the younger sister picked up her older sister so they could spend the day shopping and having lunch together. They left early in the day so they could be home before dark, even before dusk, as they were always on guard not to offer any tempting openings for their life long abductors to capture and once again harm them. 

The fact is that Kate and Donna rarely go anywhere without a third person usually one or both of their husbands. They were only planning to be gone a few hours during this bright sunny day where they would be out in public and felt they would be OK.
It had been awhile since either one of the sisters had suffered an incident. They were beginning to believe the nightmare of abductions may finally be ending for them. Any way they were together and only had incidents when they were alone and in a situation that offered their kidnappers the opportunity to grab them without being seen.  This however can be done in seconds which is why living with this horror grows to be unbearably stressful for those who are the victims of this crime. Abduction or kidnapping of innocent unwilling people is without question a crime. It just happens to be a crime that is allowed to happen which in my mind is a serious moral issue of mankind towards those being taken.

Kate and Donna were having a wonderful morning together ending with a lovely lunch near the beach front where they live. The sisters decided to take a fast ride down to look out over the dock nearby to have a look at the water before returning home. It was mid-day the world was bright and cheery and this one time they let down their guard and drove down the sandy road that leads to the town dock to take a peek at the water at the end of the dock road. The sister took a few minutes to admire the day and the gleaming water sitting in the Kate’s large new SUV vehicle with the motor running,

Kate always feared she would drive her car by accident off the dock in to the water and always parked leaving a good ten to twenty feet in front of her and the end of the dock road.

Kate was preparing to turn her new SUV around to leave the dock area when in a blink of an eye the entire vehicle was suddenly and completely engulfed in green neon colored light, . They were covered by a ray beaming down from above the truck. The new SUV continued to run and Kate knew instantly what was beginning to happen. She looked over at Donna who was staring blankly ahead as if in a trance and did not respond when Kate called her name and pushed her as she sat in the seat next to Kate.

Kate watched in horror as her sister started to open her door and start to make moves to leave the vehicle. Something amazing came over Kate and instead of the usual heart stopping fear she felt during past abductions that started as this one was- Kate became furious. She threw her car door open and ran in front of her truck to her sister’s door and shoved with a mighty push the older Donna back into the car screaming in anger at the abductors. She could feel her skin burning and horrific pain in her arms and legs but found her anger so great that it over took her fear and pain at the situation she found she was in. She slammed her sister back into the truck catching part of her arm in the door yet managed with strength she did not know she had to get Donna back inside the SUV.

Kate ran with all she had in her back to her side where her door remained open from when she jumped out and flew back into the driver’s seat. She knew she was hurt but could not stop now and threw the truck in reverse and hit the gas speeding in reverse down the long sandy dock road. Her truck bounced all over the road as she kept her foot on the gas and in reverse quickly backing down the road until she hit a big patch of sand that placed her truck in a spin which ended with her facing the correct way on the road . Kate placed the truck in drive and just kept her foot on the gas speeding down the road and back to town.

Kate only looked back once and could still see the green ray circling the spot where her truck had been parked. Kate could not believe she got away and was able to stop the encounter. Donna sat silently next to her as Kate sped directly home to Donna's house. Kate knew she was hurt and Donna was still in a trance but she was grateful that she somehow stopped the abduction.


Kate drove directly to Donna's house breaking all speed limits the entire way. She flew into Donna's driveway blowing the horn and yelling for help. Donna's husband and son were outside working on a yard project and came running to the car. Kate immediately told the men what had happened as Donna's son helped his mother from the car. Donna was now able to speak but remained weak and confused. The men took the sisters in to the house where they quickly tried to examine the women for wounds or burns. 

Donna's son, also a medical doctor, an Internist, quickly assessed the situation and determined Kate's condition was far more serious and need of immediate care. Donna although shaken and confused did suffer a few minor burns on her one arm and leg but due to her sisters fast actions did not receive too much physical damage. Mentally she was definitely scattered however the young doctor felt from past encounters this would soon wear off and instructed his father to keep his mother talking by asking her question she would need to focus on to answer. 

Kate was a different story. Kate was fully burned on her face, neck arms and legs.  Her mid-section of her body had a light rash but nothing like the harsh burns that covered the rest of her. She began to vomit and would black out for very short intervals of maybe 30 seconds but could not stay fully conscious or stay standing without help.

The young doctor gave Kate immediate attention including an IV to hydrate her and a injection that they wish to remain private but seemed to help Kate at once. He attended to her burns and also kept her talking to bring her clearly back to the present. 

Kate remained under the care of her family for weeks after this event. She suffered a long flu like illness which lasted about 14 days. Donna fared much better and felt returned to full health within a week or two. Donna spent her time tending to her sister who was truly brutalized during the abduction attempt.

The family spent many hours discussing how Kate was able to do what she did without the abductors simply grabbing both of the sisters which was their intention. Kate felt she knew instinctively why she was able to save them. Kate is sure that her sudden burst of anger and rage stunned her abductors and literally threw them off their game. She said she could sense a hesitation from them as she screamed and cursed at them in an angry rage while running around the truck  with flailing arms raging at them as she  forced her sister back in to her truck. Kate said her very soul reacted in furious anger at the attempt to take them and the usual fear she felt in all her other encounters simply took a back seat as her anger raged at this attempt to take her and her sister. 

Kate also remarked that another major role in her being able to do what she did was that her new truck did not shut down like many other times she had encounters while driving. Her new SUV kept running making it possible for her to throw the vehicle in a quick reverse and speed away from the circle of light. 

The family feels that maybe something different in the new vehicles makes shutting them down a bit harder or that Kate's unexpected display of anger and rage threw off the abductors to the point they did not follow their usual protocol giving Kate the jump on them which gave her time to evade the abduction attempt. 

I do know that this is not the first time I have encountered a story of someone avoiding an abduction by displaying an odd emotion towards their abductors that seems to confuse and disarm them. I am sorry Kate was so seriously wounded but very glad she avoided a full abduction. I think at this stage of life both of these brave women deserve an end to these horrific abductions that have followed them during their lives. Sadly that is not the case and they continue to be hunted. 

About a week ago I called Kate to see how she and her sister were doing hopeful they were feeling better since their last event and to inquire when they would be leaving the area.

Kate is still recovering from her ordeal but does seem to have damage that may last with her forever. She discovered that her vocal cords were harmed and she has days when talking is very difficult. I could hear the change in her voice and understood her continued anger at her captors and secretly feel it may be the very thing that will keep them away from her. I believe that fear strengthens their ability to take and control humans and once Kate replaced that fear with rage and anger she became a target too difficult to control and hopefully not worth their time or effort in the future. 

 Donna however did not make out as well. In fact what happened to Donna is something I never heard before from any abduction case I researched nor have I ever read anything like it in all my years of dealing with the paranormal.

The first encounter with both sisters involved occurred in early April of this year 2014.   What I am going to write about now happened a few days ago during the last week of May 2014.

 Donna was feeling nearly back to her normal self. She and her husband, at their son's insistence, were living in his house with his family. He had a large home that offered comfort and safety to his parents and thought it wise to protect his mother from any future problems during her recovery from this last event. Donna was itching to return to her own home which is located only blocks away from her son’s home but agreed she felt safe and at ease staying with her son and his family.

Donna and her husband had a large bedroom and bath with a private sitting area that was located over her son’s large garage and part of  the second story of his home.
They would retire to the suite after dinner where they would watch TV, work on their computer or read until bedtime. 

It was the night after Memorial Day that the older couple decided to go up even earlier than usual as they were worn out from a full family weekend of BBQ s and grandchildren. Donna's husband headed for the small sitting room where a large TV and big recliner waited for him. Within minutes he was deeply involved with a piece of pie in one hand and his remote in the other. Donna was feeling restless and thought she may be over tired. She found her book that she was reading and sat down in a large chair next to the bed to read for a while before going to bed. 

What happened next cannot be explained or compared to any other event I have ever come upon or heard in connection to any other abduction case.

Donna sat reading when she sensed something in the room. For a split second she thought it was her husband moving about but quickly realized it was something else. 

She placed her book on her lap and looked up. To Donna's stunned amazement she found her bed room filled with her dead relatives. The clear image of her mother and father as well as her young son who passed in his teens were all standing in front of her. Her grandfather was there as well. She sat stunned unable to move. Her family members started to dart quickly from one side of the room to the other quickly flashing across the room from side to side. Donna filled with fear believing her time had come and they were there to take her with them. Suddenly Donna realized her grandfather’s soul was not moving back and forth across the room like the others and stood still and clear in front of Donna. Donna realized he was engaging something else in the room as he spoke loud and clear over Donna looking at the area behind Donna's chair.

Quickly Donna could sense something standing behind her chair. She turned to see what was there but was stopped by the command of her grandfather not to look. Donna did get a glance before she was stopped that some kind of creature was standing directly behind her chair. Donna sat frozen while the spirit of her grandfather took on the creature standing behind Donna. He told it that he demanded for it to leave and it  would not be  allowed it to take Donna, not today or any other day. The other members of Donna's family continued to swirl around the bedroom. Donna finally found her courage and asked her grandfather what she should do. Her grandfather continued to engage the creature standing behind her.

While this was happening Donna's husband only about 15 feet away continued to watch TV until he heard his wife talking. At first he yelled out his customary "What did you say" When she did not answer he decided to peek in on her to make sure she was alright. That is when Donna finally had a witness to her ordeal as her husband did walk in to the bedroom.

Donna's husband took one look at the scene taking place in the bedroom. He turned his head and took one look at the creature standing behind his wife when he heard Donna's grandfathers voice boom out across the room  "DO NOT LOOK AT IT'.  Donna's husband ran to the bedroom door screaming at the top of his lungs for his son to bring the gun and yelled for help. 

Within seconds Donna could hear her son and teenage grandsons running towards the room. With a snap of what seemed electricity in the air the spirits and creature were gone. Donna's husband fell to his knees and started to cry.  Her son and his family came crashing in to the room. The room had a foul sulfur mold like smell in it.  The grandsons quickly checked the closets bathrooms and made sure all the windows were locked. Donna sat in shock at what had just occurred. She and her husband remain living with their son and both still need medication to deal with this latest ordeal that no one seems to have an explanation for.  

Clearly whatever it was that tried once again to take Donna was stopped by the loving spirits of her family members who have passed over. It seems Donna's grandfather was the strongest of the spirits as he engaged and prevented the thing standing behind her chair from doing what he came to do. Donna is beside herself at this point and lives in constant terror.  She does feel somewhat relieved that her husband was able to witness part of what she has had to deal with for a life time. The added dimension of Donna’s dead relatives entering the ordeal is confusing for all involved and something I personally have not ever heard about in any other abduction case or from any other abductee or contactee.

Both sisters remain under the eyeful watch of their families. Both sisters have become disgusted and angry at the continued harassment of their life long abductors. I feel this change from fear to anger and rage may be the key to ending their torment and hope they can focus on that approach and never give over to fear again. I know this is easier said than done but it is all I can offer to these courageous women at this point in life.
I am not equipped to comment on the strange event that took place in Donna’s bedroom. I have never encountered or heard any other scenario like it during all of the years I have been interviewing and researching the abduction issue. I do know I respect and believe this event took place based on the quality of character of those who related the event to me. I also find it extremely disturbing as it may be a sign we are entering a new level of existence where creatures we do not understand cross between dimensions or space that we are yet to understand.

I found this article to be one of the most upsetting I have ever written due to the fact that both of these ladies are seniors and at this point just being attacked without mercy by these cruel non-human abductors. I can only pray that they continue to stay angry and protected by the spirits that look after them.

 I too am aging and find that my days need to be filled more with family and love and less with computers and keyboards. I have decided while writing this article to take off the summer and enjoy my home and my family. I also have been writing a great deal about the danger of constantly being connected to our technology and concerned it will soon remove mankind from its humanity and towards a colder harder being that will continue to be controlled by devices and soon forget to smell the roses or notice them along the way. I need to practice what I preach and intend to detach and reattach to a slower kinder life and make sure I enjoy life and those I love each and every day. 

 I will be back when I am ready to continue my endless journey with the unknown.
Until then be happy , be attached to the real world and detach from your machines and always be careful out there, You never know what may be standing behind that big comfortable chair. 

 Copyright © 2011-2014 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Paranormal World- 

Years ago when my mother was still living we were sitting outside on my deck sharing some lunch when my mother looked over to me and said “ Remember the Albino family that use to live in our area that always shopped at Gertz Department store?”

I hadn’t thought about Gertz Department store which had long ago gone out of business for years much less the Albino family.

My mother went on about how striking they were and how well dressed and groomed they were. My mother commented many times back when she saw them how beautiful the family was and always noticed what they were wearing. I never thought much about it then as I was in my teens but as my mother went on and on about the Albino family I realized how very strange they really were.

The family consisted of two adults and three children. All of them were albinos. I have only seen a few other people who have this albino condition and really did not note the differences in this family and the other albinos I have seen. Talking to my mother about this family I began to realize they were truly unusual people.

The five members of this family all were 6ft in height including the mother and daughter. The male members stood between 6ft –3 inches to 6ft- 5 inches. They were extremely tall people. When they walked through the department store they stood a head above most of the other shoppers.

Each of them had thick full pure white hair. They were beautiful people with high cheekbones and straight model like features. Their skin was white – pure white. They all had the same color eyes, which were clear, big, and very light blue. They kept to themselves. They would stay together when they shopped and seemed to be quiet polite people.

It wasn’t until years later and I had that conversation with my mother about that family that I realized they were a very different group of people. I thought about the possibility of two beautiful albino people who looked so much alike in height, looks and facial features meeting and marrying. Although this is possible I knew the odds had to be nearly impossible. I then recalled reading an article while in college in the late 1970’s that talked about all the eye problems that went hand and hand with those who were albinos. I also read that most eye color for the typical albino runs towards the pinkish reddish tint. I know that there are degrees of the condition which would have a lesser or greater effect on things like eye and skin color (or lack of it) in those who are albinos. I did not read about any who had clear big blue eyes.

I tried to find out if there were blue-eyed albinos that could run in an entire family but came up empty handed in my search. I am not qualified to answer the question to the chance of this happening but feel at best it would be a very rare occurrence.

I thought about this family and had to admit that finding two tall beautiful blue-eyed albinos who married and had three tall beautiful blue-eyed children was either an incredible happening or they were not a family of albinos!

Years after discussing this family with my mother I was wandering around
the Internet looking at all the paranormal sites when I came upon a site that talked about the tall whites. I was scrolling down the page of this site until I came to an artists drawing of the alien species called the tall whites. I was completely taken back as I sat and looked at the same tall people with the same beautiful faces – white hair, blue eyes and high cheek bones as the albino family that use to shop for their clothes and house wares in Gertz department store in Bay Shore , Long Island , New York in the 1960’s.

I will never know if that strange gentle family of tall beautiful people was simply a very rare family of human albinos or if they were a group of entirely different beings?
I often wondered over the last few years about that family or group of people. I have tried to search for them a few times but cannot find anything anywhere. Maybe they just moved away to another state- or planet!

I did learn to not be so ambivalent about things and pay attention to people and my surroundings far more than I once did. I wish I had been more curious at the time. I wish I considered how odd those people were and thought about things instead of just blindly skipping along without considering what was going on around me. I learned many lessons during my life. Being alert to my surrounding can be the most important thing I can do for my safety and that of my family. I will tell you one thing, if I ever see a group of tall white aliens again with those huge light blue eyes- I am going to pay attention!

Copyright ©- 2014 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved



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